041-Darling, I love you (piano version)

Love, love, love.

  • 041
  • Amor, t'estimo (piano version)
City and date
  • Besalú, Maig de 1992
  • 4'30
  • piano
Premiere (original version)
  • Besalú, Esglèsia de Sant Julià (Teatre Municipal) 12 de Juliol de 1992 Veu: Titón Frauca Piano: Paco Viciana
Premiere (piano version)
  • Banyoles, Auditori 7 de Març de 2015 Piano: Paco Viciana

Version for piano solo of the song with same name for vocal solist and piano. Created under the effect of intens amorousness with my wife, Marta. An honest love song. From heart to heart. After the good acceptance that has always obtained this original piece for voice and piano, I have made all kind of arrangements of it.

I made this version for piano solo specifically for the show Humans of 2015, with photos from Tino Soriano and dances from Alba Carretero. Specifically it was number 12 of the show called Humanity in love.

Work included in the shows:


Darling, I love you (piano version) (5'06):



  • Rhapsode: Aniol Viciana
  • Piano and keyboards: Piano Viciana