• 025
  • Crisàlide
  • Besalú, Setembre de 1988
  • 5'
  • piano
  • Besalú, Esglèsia de Sant Julià (Teatre Municipal) 12 de Juliol de 1992 Piano: Paco Viciana

Piece of a romantic and allegorical characterr.

Musical portrait of the delicate time I lived after starting the new way as professional musician in the town of Besalú.

The name of the play represents precisely this, a new life to break through with all that entails of hope and vulnerabiliy.

A work full of longing.

Work included in the shows:

Work included in the CD:
Chrysalis (4'38):


  • Piano: Paco Viciana
Concert at the Cloister of Banyoles on August 14, 2013