• 017
  • Granados
  • Barcelona, Octubre de 1986
  • 2'30
  • piano
  • Besalú, Esglèsia de Sant Julià (Teatre Municipal) 12 de Juliol de 1992 Piano: Paco Viciana

This piece is named after the famous catalan composer Enric Granados, because his music style influenced me composing it, and by that time when I was studying his piano work in the repertoire in my career. 

Time after that, in the 2013 Collaborators Concert the dancer Alba Carretero did a choreography about this topic. We used this choreography for the show Humans, with photos of Tino Soriano and other dances of Alba Carretero, too.

Work included in the shows:

Granados (2'13):


  • Piano: Paco Viciana
Collaborators concert at the Auditorium of Banyoles on November 23, 2013