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040-Ramon Vidal


  • 040
  • Ramon Vidal
  • Besalú, Febrer de 1992
  • 5'
  • cobla
  • Besalú, Plaça Major 24 d'Octubre de 1992 Cobla: La Principal de la Bisbal

Sardana inspired in the figure of the medieval Troubadour Ramon Vidal, born in the town of Besalú, Catalunya.

Work with a certain modal and medieval style, full of parallel fifths and pedals, in the likeness of the Gregorian chant and the wonderful Ars Nova.

As an anecdote, in an interpretation of the sardana in Besalú, the great composer Manel Saderra i Puigferrer wanted to know me, and so we started a relationship of friendship and mutual respect between both, thanks to this work.

-Ramon Vidal (5'01)




  • Cobla: La Principal de la Bisbal
  • Direction: Francesc Cassú