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Humans (Trailer)

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261-Gymnasttics (OST-Videoclip)

Gymnastics and art.

  • 261
  • Gimnàstics
  • Banyoles, 13 de Desembre de 2011
  • 2’50
  • synthesizer/piano
  • Salt, Pavelló del Club Gimnàstic Salt 23 de Desembre de 2011
  • Banyoles, Auditori 7 de Març de 2015 Piano: Paco Viciana

Custom music for the video of my son Aniol Viciana about the Gymnastics Club of Salt, to make a presentation during the 2011 Christmas exhibition.

Work included in the show Humans (2015)


Gymnastics (OST) (2'52): 



  • Keyboards and piano: Paco Viciana

Gymnastics (piano version) (2'47): 



  • Piano: Paco Viciana

It is also a mix of different own pieces for piano to use it as final play in the show Humans, with photos from Tino Soriano and dances from Alba Carretero. Specifically this mix inside the show Humans is number 21, I call it Humans (mix) and insied the show it is called We are all humans:


Humans (mix) (piano version) (6'28): 



  • Piano: Paco Viciana