Hatching-Obstruction (Inauguration)

I and the other


259-Hatching-Obstruction (OST-Videoart)

Bees and art.

  • 259
  • Eclosió-Oclusió
  • Banyoles, Novembre de 2011
  • 6'40
  • synthesizer
  • Girona, Sala Fundació Valvi 17 de Novembre de 2011

Commission of the plastic artist Pep Aymerich for producing the music of the audiovisual about the world of the bees and its plasticity. Production of the audiovisual in charge of Quim Paredes.

A sound and visual experience around the sound of bees.


Hatching-Obstruction (OST) (6'40): 

  • Keyboards: Paco Viciana