244-The crime motive (OST-Shortfilm)

Deceit and guile.

  • 244
  • El mòbil del crim
  • Banyoles, Agost de 2009
  • 8'40
  • synthesizer

Music for a shortfilm of the same name. Producer: Quim Paredes.


The crime motive (OST) (8'36): 

  • Keyboards: Paco Viciana

The crime motive:

  • Direction and script: Quim Paredes and Jep Sánchez
  • Main actors: Xavier Fàbrega, Meritxell Yanes and Àlex Thaler
  • Production assistants: Judith Torres and Eloi Sánchez
  • Production and realization: 24 imatges x segón
  • Music: Paco Viciana