Sample video (Olympics)

Sample video (Cartoons)

Sample video (The sea)

Sample video (Birds)

''Serres nues i agudes''-TV3 (The sea)


048/059-Sample video (OST-Essay)

Audiovisual essays.

  • 048/059
  • Vídeo mostra
  • Besalú, Gener/Abril de 1994
  • 40'
  • piano, harp, guitar and percussions
  • 1) Olimpíades 2) Dibuixos 3) El mar 4) Granotes 5) Pel·licula 6) Bosc 7) Taurons 8) Teatre 9) Fiords 10) Rèptils 11) Espots 12) Sèrie TV 13) Ocells

Group of 12 pieces to practice with audiovisuals. An attempt to make a sample video of my musical abilities towards audiovisuals at that time (1994). So in this project we find all kinds of cinematographic genres such as video clips, cartoons, documentaries, films, television theater, advertising spots or television series.

I created the audiovisual number 1 Olympics that opens the cycle, with clippings of images that had different audiovisuals on the Olympics of Barcelona 1992, and on this assembly of images I created the music.

The audiovisual 2 Cartoons, is a cutout of Walt Disney's cartoon film "The Rescuers Down Under".

The audiovisual 5 Theater, is a cutout of the play for television of the year 2004 "Misteri de dolor" of the Catalan playwright Adrià Gual.

The audiovisual 5 Movie, is a cut of the film "Dead Poets Society" of the Australian director Peter Weir.

Once I had the 12 audiovisuals chosen and built, I started composing the music. First I started by number 12 birds and so till number 1 Olympics. It took me a whole year to create this work of 12 audio-visuals, between generating audiovisuals, analyzing and making the structures after meticulously analyzing each one of them, with the corresponding calculation of all the synchronies of the different places where I wanted a musical blow or a change in each of them, then I created the music and finally, I recorded all the instruments that were incorporated each piece of music.

I used the music of the audiovisual 4 The sea in 2000 in a video clip of the TV3 program "Hydrogen" titled "Serras nues i agudes", also published in a cd the same year with the name "Natural Spaces of Catalonia" .


Sample vídeo (40'):

-01 Olympics (videoclip) (4'13):



-02 Cartoons (cartoons) (1'27):



-03 The sea/"Serres nues i agudes" (videoclip) (3'37):



-04 Frogs (documentary) (1'40):



-05 Movie (film) (3'40):

(Block 1) (0'57):



(Block 2) (2'37):


-06 Forest (videoclip) (6'14):



-07 Sharks (documentary) (2'25):



-08 Theatre (televised theatre) (2'49):



-09 Fjords (videoclip) (2'36):



-10 Reptiles (documentary) (1'39):



-11 spots (advertising spot) (1'15):


-12 TV series (television series) (4'):

(Block 1) (1'29):


(Block 2) (2'23): 



-13 Birds (videoclip) (4'42):



  • Keyboards: Paco Viciana


Later I made an arrangement for 2 pianos of different works of this compositional series. From these I selected 6 to create this configuration for 2 pianos, specifically I used the following themes in the series: Birds, Cartoons, Sharks, Frogs, Reptiles and Olympics.

I call the play Animals, and I baptize this last work Olympics that closes the playas Humans, so the work is divided into the following sections:


A musically animal work.

Animals (14'24):