203-Nonchromatic prelude.


  • 203
  • Preludi noncromàtic
  • Banyoles, Juliol de 2003
  • 4'
  • flute and harp
  • Figueres, Museu Teatre Dalí 2 de Juliol de 2004 Flauta: Albert Mora Arpa: Abigail Prat

Work created expressly for the musical duo formed by Abigail Prat with the harp and Albert Mora with the flute, good friends and great Catalan musicians.

The title refers to the original intention prior to the creation of the piece to make it without any chromatic alteration, that is, without any sharp or flat, so the work is done in an absolute major Do without changes.

Its apparent simplicity hides the great difficulty of rhythmic interpretation requested by the piece by both instrumentalists.

Nonchromatic prelude(3'59):