106-Instantaneous Music (2-Defects) (flute and piano version)

Defects by duo.

  • 106
  • Música instantània (2-Defectes) (flute and piano version)
City and date
  • Banyoles, 31 de Maig de 2001
  • 3'
  • flute and piano
  • Girona, Sunset Jazz Club 1 de desembre de 2002 Flauta travessera: Esteve Zulet Piano: Paco Viciana
Premiere (piano version)
  • Girona, Auditori Viader 18 de Juliol de 2002 Piano: Paco Viciana

Arrangement for flute and piano of the theme for solo piano with same name, from the 90 pieces cycle for solo piano called Instantaneous Music, created created specifically for the program directed by Martí GironellEl pont de les formigues” of Catalunya Ràdio, during the seasons 2001-2004.

As its sister, in this piece I also offer the possibility of improvising in some of its sections, for both piano and flute.

Work included in the shows:

Instantaneous Music (2-Defects) (flute and piano version) (2'54):


  • Flute: Esteve Zulet
  • Piano: Paco Viciana
Concert at the Viader Auditorium of Girona on June 5, 2003