First stage model - PUGES O BAIXES

Creative Crafts.

First stage model made by my son Aniol Viciana and used in the creation of the dramatic structure of my new opera PUGES O BAIXES. A divertissement for 8 lyrical singers, piano and violin that we plan to release in summer / autumn 2017.

The complexity stage using only eight singers in a play of 16 characters, generated the need to create this small stage, where I could move these 16 characters with eight figures representing the eight singers of the work.

A work then "UP OR DOWN", complex structure, with many scenic movements, in particular 64 scenes.

The booklet PUGES O BAIXES has been created thanks to this little demo from February to June this 2016. I am now working intensively on the creation of music.


(PUGES O BAIXES New opera)