• Banyoles Auditorium <br />July 2017

    Puges o baixes

    Banyoles Auditorium
    July 2017

  • Banyoles Auditorium <br>March 2015


    Banyoles Auditorium
    March 2015

  • Girona Auditorium <br>December 2014

    A look back

    Girona Auditorium
    December 2014

  • Casyc Theatre Santander<br>September 2014


    Casyc Theatre Santander
    September 2014

  • Banyoles Auditorium <br>November 2013

    Collaborators Concert

    Banyoles Auditorium
    November 2013

  • Banyoles Cloister <br>August 2013

    Piano Concert in the Cloister

    Banyoles Cloister
    August 2013

  • Municipal Theater of Girona<br>February 2013

    Water Nymphs (The Show)

    Municipal Theater of Girona
    February 2013

Welcome to the website of Paco Viciana

On this website you can find all the information about the various musical activities held by the composer Paco Viciana and listen to his works.

Classically trained composer

From 1976 to 1994, is musically formed through studies and courses in different conservatories and music schools in Barcelona. Since 1987 plays pedagogically teaching courses, classes, lectures and performances. From there begins to be known as a composer and piano player and collaborates in different festivals, plays, creates its own shows, participate in radio programs or music composed for film, documentaries and television programs, among others. More information